This year’s DIFF sees the launch of the pioneering Arab Cinema Lab. This is a first-of-its-kind film financing incubator for accelerating the new film projects and new business ideas that will drive the Arab film industry forward over the coming year. By bringing together a select group of filmmakers, creative producers, funders, distributors and broadcasters, the mission is to open new paths to production for the most promising Arab storytellers by showcasing their work and laying the groundwork for a more robust investment culture.

Designed as a highly curated, invitation-only extension of the Arab Cinema Center, this inaugural Lab will feature exclusive footage from a selection of the hottest, most highly anticipated Arab film projects that are currently in various stages of development and production. These are the productions that will be the talk of the Arab cinema world next year once they are unveiled as completed films on the international festival circuit and in movie-houses throughout 2017 and beyond.

Interspersed among these sneak previews will be a stimulating programme of keynote presentations from leading industry figures that will be focussed on building and fast-tracking a sustainable, self-sufficient ecosystem for Arab filmmakers. Like the best laboratories, Arab Cinema Lab is both a testing ground and launchpad for what’s next.

Monday 12th of December
9:45 AM to 12:30 NOON
Arena Theatre
Colin Brown
* The event is guest list only. Please show your name at the door.